Transitioning from Winter to Spring Style

Transitioning from Winter to Spring Style

It happens to me every year no matter how hard I try to fight it.  The calendar flips to March and my insides start squealing "OMG OMG OMG it's SPRING!!!!" and I get the urge to pull out all the florals, bright colours and super cute dresses.  The problem is, where I come from anyway, the March weather isn't always in line with my enthusiasm. So, let's chat about all the ways we can succumb to Spring fashion fever and still be ready for that unpredictable March weather with a little game I like to call KEEP, TRADE, STORE.

1. KEEP:  Tall Boots


Those knee-high or over-the-knee boots are not only cute, they provide you with ample leg coverage on those chillier days.  To stay in that Spring frame of mind, TRADE that sweater dress you've been pairing your boots with for a flirty floral number instead.  Oh, and STORE those boot cuffs until Fall ;)

2. KEEP: Chunky Sweaters

Source:  AVE Styles

Don't STORE those chunky sweaters away just yet, but do TRADE those favourite black leggings for a long, flowy skirt.  Don't worry, I didn't say STORE those black leggings, I'm not a monster. 

 3.  TRADE: Dark Denim


Brighten up your wardrobe by swapping out that indigo denim for a lighter, brighter wash.  Denim jackets are a classic and should be a staple in every closet.

4.  STORE:  (Some) Black & Grey

Source:  Forever 21

Let's not get TOO crazy, I dig my black and grey as much as the next girl, but if you're looking at a closet full of ONLY black and grey pieces, now is the time to do something!  Slowly start to add some colourful pieces into your wardrobe and notice how it gets you out of that Winter funk.

With these tips, you'll be navigating that tricky seasonal style shift between Winter and Spring in no time!

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