Time to Get Campfire Cozy

Time to Get Campfire Cozy

With the unofficial kick-off to Summer behind us, it's time to turn our minds to the things that really matter; weekend getaways, laughing with family and friends by the campfire, and S'MORES!

Let's face it though, those early Summer evenings can get kinda chilly and mosquito ridden, so it's important to make sure your campfire attire is on point.  Here are some tips and tricks on getting Campfire Cozy that you can add to your outdoor survival guide.

1Layer Up! (say it louder for the people in the back)

Layering is important because it keeps the warm air close to your body.  When done right, with moisture wicking fabrics, the layers work together to keep your body at the perfect temperature, no matter how cool or damp it is outside.

2.  Beanies are your friend, even in Summer.

Beanies are often the overlooked Summer accessory.  Now, I'm not suggesting you wear one to the beach, but they definitely come in handy on those brisk mornings and chilly evenings at the campsite. Nothing quite takes the chill out of the hair like a covered head and a beanie is a great way to deal with the effects of that day 3 camp hair, if you know what I mean ;).  You can shop my faves here!

 3.  Snuggle under a blanket.

                                             Source: thelondoner.me  

Campfire blankets are a thing.  Don't believe me? Just Google it.  They are huge in the Scouting community, and if anyone knows how to do campfires right, it must be the Scouts, amiright?

4.  Keep those hot beverages within reach.

No campfire can be complete without a hot beverage in a campfire mug. Whether you're keeping it PG with some hot cocoa, cider or tea, or indulging in an adult beverage like a hot toddy or some mulled wine, sipping by the fire is the perfect way to end a Summer day.

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