Quiz:  What is your scarf crush?

Quiz: What is your scarf crush?

October is here, and that means Scarf Season is upon us!  When it comes to scarves, there are TONS of options, and the scarf you choose can say a lot about your personality.  So how are you supposed to know which scarf is for you?  Well friends, that's where I come in!  Enjoy this little quiz and let's make sure you are doing cozy right this season.

1.  Your favourite winter wardrobe staple is:

      a) a turtleneck

      b) a flannel poncho

      c) a sweater dress


2.   Your signature hairstyle is: 

      a) a messy top knot

      b) a sleek ponytail

      c) a half up, half down bun


3.  Your go-to winter jacket is:

      a) an insulated parka

      b) a wool pea coat

      c) a puffer jacket


4.  Your dream Saturday night is:

      a) binge-watching Netflix at home

      b) getting dressed up for cocktail hour with the girls

      c) crushing an escape room with lots of friends


5.  The one accessory you could never live without it:

      a) a comfortable pair of shoes

      b) a classic belt

      c) a pair of statement earrings


And the results are....(drumroll please)

If you answered mostly A's, your scarf is the INFINITY SCARF.

You are all about being warm and comfortable and gravitate towards simple pieces that are easy to wear and don't need to be fussed with. This infinity scarf would be perfect for you and is available in 5 colours (all neutral of course, let's not get too crazy).

If you answered mostly B's, your scarf is the LONG OPEN ENDED SCARF.

Hello style and sophistication! You love flowing pieces with just the right amount of drape and you're not afraid to show off your fashion skills by tying the perfect knot!  This fringe scarf is just the thing you were looking for!


If you answered mostly C's, your scarf is the BLANKET SCARF.

You've never met a trend you didn't like and are more than willing to sacrifice a little practicality in the name of style.  Channeling your inner Elsa, the cold never bothered you anyway, amiright?  Check out this scarf and this one to decide which one you like best!

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