Canada Post Strike:  How we're making sure you get your order for the Holidays

Canada Post Strike: How we're making sure you get your order for the Holidays

The Canada Post strike has been the elephant in the room for online retailers since October 22nd.  At first, I ignored it, thinking the elephant would eventually find the door and everything would go back to normal, but as the weeks passed and the holiday shopping season crept up, the elephant started to stress me out.

And the holidays are stressful enough, amiright?!  Who needs the added stress of worrying about whether or not their gifts will arrive in time?  I don't want to stress about that, and I don't want my customers to have to stress about that either.  So, I made the tough decision to switch carriers and all orders placed after November 20, 2018 will be shipped to you via FedEx Ground.  What does that mean for you?  Well, hang tight, because I'm going to lay all of that out for you right here:

1. Shipping will cost a little more.

This is the worst part.  I hate having to charge more for shipping at this time of year, especially when most of the large retailers are offering free shipping, but the fact is, these carriers aren't kind to the little guys.

2. You can buy multiple items and your shipping cost will not go up.

With FedEx, the minimum weight per shipment is 1lb, and in the knitwear world, that's a lot of squish!  So, whether you buy one item or six, your shipping cost will be the same. 

3. All packages will be shipped with tracking.

Now this is a change I can get behind!  With Canada Post, tracking numbers were an expensive option that not everyone wanted to pay for, but with FedEx tracking is included in the cost and will automatically be provided for EVERY package.

4. Delivery times are guaranteed.

This is a biggie, especially at this time of year, and it's the main reason why I made the switch.  Customers in Canada and the U.S. are guaranteed to receive their order in 5 business days or less.  So, go ahead and procrastinate on your holiday shopping if you want to, I've got your back ;)

Change is never easy, but I'm hoping that this decision will make for a less stressful holiday season for all of us.  So throw on a cheesy Hallmark movie, cozy up to some gingerbread cookies, and happy shopping!


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